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Facebook Guide and Facebook Apps

Facebook is one of the prominent social networking sites that offer a multitude of services according to our interests, common traits as well as location. Conquering the world was the main objective of the network that succeeds in attracting people from various spots of the planet to join a realm of friendships, collaborations and precious connections. Initially founded by Mark Zuckerberg a Harvard student as the perfect means to communicate and keep in touch with other students. Both his colleagues as well as other students were mesmerized with the array of options it offered to bound relationships as well as share common interests and useful information on the events that happen at the university and outside.

Stanford and Yale were also immersed in the magic of Facebook. Gradually it grew to become one of the ultimate social networking sites that perfected the assets of the Internet paired with social relationships. Though the site functioned under the name of 'thefacebook' in August 2005 it was officially named Facebook and was launched under the domain of facebook.com. Students as well as people regardless of location entered the world of social networking through Facebook which required a simple e-mail account and some basic information to create a valid profile.



Benefits of Facebook

Though the multitude of social networking sites might lead you into confusion and it would be challenging to decide which one to join, it is worth skimming through the main assets as well as drawbacks of Facebook.

A similar site with a long tradition and similar reputation will be able to furnish you with the most interesting information and the chance to join different groups and projects initiated in various lands and cities in the world. These are some of the main benefits of Facebook that would certainly convince you to join this fabulous and fascinating realm.

Groups: Indeed similarly to other SNS sites Facebook also allows you to join specialized groups formed on the basis of common interests, political and social views as well as location.

Moreover you are also offered the chance to create your own group that would line up your favorite activities and would provide others with the chance of joining and sharing their own thoughts and opinions. The site also encourages the formation of secret groups that guarantee confidentiality and are perfect means to have private and secret discussions with the other members.

Safety: Though several  controversial debates aimed to spoil the reputation of Facebook, it turned out that safety is still one of the best assets of the site. Soliciting your private data as well as crucial information might sound dangerous due to the common abuses done through various social networking sites . In the present Facebook still manages to keep its fame and name spotless with the guarantee to keep confidential information inside the network and with a well-defined privacy policy.

Evolution: Facebook aspires to perfection, therefore it is constantly evolving adding brand new fields as well as categories and adds that aim to polish both the appearance as well as the functioning of the site. If you are looking for a modern and developing site you'll be welcomed to juggle with the Photos, Groups, Friends as well as Notes and The Wall. Some might be also promoted by other social networking sites others are characteristic of only this particular network.

Though some might be reluctant to offer all the crucial details about their character, look and life this site still achieves its greatest goal of attracting enough people who make it the next best SNS site along with MySpace. Nowadays it still manages to arise the interest of individuals belonging to different cultures, social groups and with various interest to join either for a special purpose or simply to enrich their friend repertoire. These articles will keep you versed with the latest information as well as basics of Facebook in order to perfect your networking skills and take advantage of the main services it furnishes the public with.

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