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How to Twitter and Twitter Followers

Are you an incurable chatter and long to share all your thoughts with the world? Then twittering was designed specially to fulfill your dream. As one of the revolutionary means of micro-blogging it allows you to communicate your messages to friends, co-workers, business partners and even strangers who might be interested in your daily schedule or more important activities. Crossing the limits of informality the service is also used by companies in order to keep customers up to date with the latest offers, news and inventions. Those who isolate themselves of a similar social networking site might lose the multitude of functions and benefits it offers for communication. The posts as the name denotes are short 'tweets' limited to 140 characters, this is one of the main factors that keep these brief and concise confessions and messages interesting and fascinating.

The origin of the network takes us back to 2006 when the members of Odeo company decided to launch a smashing project of short text messages that would conquer the world regardless of age and location. On  March 21, 2006 the first message was posted on Twitter. As time went by the popularity of the program flourished both among businessmen as well as average people who took blogging to the next level. Twittering became one of the favorite activities of people all over the world. Celebrities became the greatest fans of this smart invention and furnished the fans with the most precious clues both from professional and private life.



Benefits of Twittering

People who are fascinated by social networking will find Twittering one of the most entertaining and easy activities. Unlike MySpace and Facebook, this SNS offers a different service, micro-blogging is one of the best assets of Twitter.

The sending of messages and publishing thoughts, ideas as well as opinions of different issues is restricted to the most important details without immersing into the diary format and long, boring confessions. In order to be eager to join Twitter read through the chief benefits that raise this project above the other social networking sites.

Connectivity: This is one of the finest assets of Twitter which makes it ideal for not only average people but also institutes, associations as well as companies to stay in touch and publish an array of fresh and relevant information about business issues, offers and products.

The short format can be used as the perfect means to communicate both friendly and informal as well as formal and more specialized information and messages. Use it as the perfect tool to be up-to-date with the events in the world.

Communication: A simple and often general profile might tell a lot or less of your character and attitude towards different issues as well as opinions. However the revolutionary service of Twitter allows everyone to send general messages to important groups and influential people who can do something about a certain problem or critical issue. Both politicians as well as prominent figures use it to get a feedback from the fans as well as popularize their views. Write small messages to make a statement in different conflicts and projects.

Find People: You can get in contact with people you were looking for. Be it strangers or friends, former colleagues, with the help of a search box, you'll be able to trace individuals belonging to different groups as well as celebrities and other prominent personalities. Use this function with confidence to establish connections and precious friendships with people all over the world.

Look through the most important benefits of Twitter and master the art of short messages to inspire others with your activities and schedule as well as writing skills. Use the proper instructions to upgrade your twittering knowledge and feel free to popularize it among your friends and beloved ones in order to keep in touch with them regardless of circumstances and even distance.

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